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Best Outdoor Boots for Hunting

Every huntress can benefit by owning some of the best outdoor boots for hunting. Not all boots are created equal. It’s important that your boots keep you standing tall, no matter what conditions you run into. You don’t want to be wearing men’s boots in your size either. They aren’t designed for women’s bodies and can leave you uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are more and more great outdoor boots for female hunters available. You just may not be able to find them at your local outdoor sports stores. The boots on this list are made for women like you and me! These are my favorite.

Under Armour Brow Tine 800 gram Primaloft Insulation Boots

You can’t go wrong with Under Armour. They are one of the leading manufacturers of clothing suited for outdoor adventures. They create high-quality, comfortable lines for both men and women. I use these boots throughout most of the year, especially in the summer months.

These boots have a GORE-TEX construction that keeps you dry. While it doesn’t allow excess moisture to make it’s way in, it also wicks away sweat. This material also uses scent technology not found in any other boots. Your prey won’t know you’re coming! They are also super light-weight, which is important to me. At the end of a long hunt in my terrible men’s boots, I would be dragging my feet. That made me louder throughout my hunt. Who knows how many deer I scared away.

15” LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro Hunting Boots

These tall boots are highly adaptive. I use them when it gets really cold. They are rated for use between 60 and -20 degrees. They are constructed with scent-free rubber. The rubber is lined with neoprene. The neoprene naturally insulates your feet and lower leg, while still allowing cool air to circulate for perfect temperature control.  

The thick midsole keeps my feet comfortable and absorbs shock as I traverse rough terrain. I like the adjustable rear gusset strap. It allows me to fit whatever underlayers inside the boot with a perfect fit. The ankle is also very secure. I have tried other rubber boots that let my heel slide around. It saves my from uncomfortable chafing and rubbing.  

TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX Boots

Ice, snow, and mud are no match for these boots. The sole has micro-glass filaments incorporated in the rubber. There are few shoes that offer a non-slip sole like this. It even keeps you steady on slush and slippery rocks. My one problem is that they aren’t boot height. They also aren’t really designed specifically for hunting. Find more great non-slip designs at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/slip-no-more-with-stylish-winter-footwear/.

They also designed to fit the contours of most people’s feet. They fit snugly, so I don’t think any ice or snow can get into your shoe. I feel like I would use them during the summer on rainy days, when the rocks and ground is wet.  

Girls With Guns 8” Tigress

This female owned and operated sportswear company really knows how to make boots for women. They have the woodsy, hunter look you’d expect with an added dash of pink. The design is great for women who still want to feel a little feminine on the hunt.

These boots are great for every season. They included 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep your feet warm in the winter months. It also has an outer waterproof membrane to keep moisture out. I think it is some of the best waterproofing for many boots in this style! The inner lining pulls moisture away from your feet to keep you comfortable no matter how long you are out.   

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Long Guns for Females

Hunting small game can be fun but long guns for females will open your eyes to the thrill of hunting big game. I’ve hunted everything. It wasn’t until I was invited on a big game trick that I started thinking about what long guns I could use effectively. I was always a little apprehensive about using a larger gun, so I never got out and tried it. I figured there was no time like the present and got to researching.

I am pretty rugged, but still have a pretty small frame. I knew I would need something lighter with a compact design. I also needed a gun that wouldn’t smack me in the face when I shot it. There I was, on the trails with my first hunting rifle. It was a simple bolt-action rifle. I was a little uneasy, but very excited to get going. When I looked through the sight at my first big game target, it all went away. There is so much more excitement and thrill in this type of hunting. I was hooked. I’ve tried several guns since then. Here are my recommendations for females looking for their first long gun!

Bolt Guns for Women

Compact bolt action guns are some of the most versatile models available. They are easy to carry and highly accurate. I chose this style first, because they are also affordable. I wasn’t ready to spend more if I wasn’t going to keep up with it.

One of the most popular models right now is the Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter. I really love this gun and use it a lot. It may be a little more expensive than other bolt rifles, but it is so worth it. The designers really took their time listening to the problems women have with their guns. Women different proportions than men. Our necks are longer, so they added height to the buttstock to compensate. They added a thinner, more angled grip to suit smaller hands. They also added a rubber pad on the butt to further reduce the impact you feel from recoil.

Another favorite feature is the adjustable AccuTrigger. You can change the pull weight between 8 ounces, 6 pounds or 8 pounds. I love the classic wood finish on this rifle. I don’t really want to take a hot pink rifle out hunting. It’s just begging for me to be seen! You can also choose from eight different chamberings. Make your aim even more perfect with a great hunting rangefinder.

Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles are great for closer range shots in heavy cover areas. They are easy to load, lightweight, and quick. You can choose from popular brands like, Winchester, Mossberg, Marlin, and Browning. I really love the Browning BLR. It is a smooth, easy to use gun with a modern design.

It is made of lightweight aluminum, making it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a heavy long gun. You can easily mount any scope you like as well. It is one of the most versatile lever action guns available. It can be chambered for a variety of hunting cartridges, both for long and short ammunition.   

Modern Sport Guns

Any modern gun based on the AR-15 platform is also a great choice for any huntress. They have a modular design, which makes them easy to customize for your specific needs and dimensions. Most designs use the .223 Remington, but you can also find them in other calibers, if you prefer. If you are looking to hunt deer, I would suggest the 6.8 SPC.

I wanted to try one of these out. I heard they have the least recoil, and are easy to operate. These claims were true. However, I still really love my Lady Hunter for most applications. I think I just like the classic feel and nostalgia of shooting a gun style that has been in use for hundreds of years, even though it’s admittedly modernized. However, I do love how modern AR-15s can be customized to suit any shooter. That is a great selling point, because no matter which gun you choose, you can continue customizing it for years.